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  1. Published on: 23/05/2022 04:30 PMReported by: editor
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    British Transport Police is recording an outstanding 97.9 per cent of crimes committed across the network, the police inspectorates have said.

    This compares to a national accuracy of around 90 per cent of crime recorded for all police forces in England and Wales. Accurate crime recording helps forces prioritise investigations by using suitably skilled staff to give victims the service they deserve. It also helps forces to manage their resources and plan effectively for the future.

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS), with assistance from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Scotland (HMICS), examined British Transport Police’s performance. They found that the force was particularly strong in its recording of sexual offences, with a rate of 99 per cent being attained.

    The joint inspection found that British Transport Police’s investigations are effective and generally progressed in a proportionate and timely manner, and that a high proportion of crime is followed up for further investigation and properly allocated to appropriately trained officers.

    However, the inspectorates also found a number of opportunities for improving the service British Transport Police provides to victims of crime. For example:

    • the force needs to get better at identifying repeat victims and vulnerability;
    • the backlog in online reports of crime needs to be reduced;
    • crime arising from reports of anti-social behaviour and for vulnerable victims needs to be correctly recorded; and
    • victims need to be informed when a decision is taken to not investigate their crime further.

    Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said:

    “British Transport Police can rightly be proud of the good service it provides to victims of crime. In some areas, such as the recording of crime, it is very good indeed. However, there is opportunity to build on its successes.

    “The force offers a variety of ways for the public to contact it. This includes use of online crime reporting, texts, emails, and social media. Call handling standards are high, and resources are generally used correctly and promptly.

    “Further enhancement to the good service already provided by British Transport Police can be achieved by implementing our recommendations. We expect the force will waste no time in progressing these.”

    Useful links: Report Cyber Crime | Stop Nuisance Calls & Mail | Daily Covid Stats (updated 4pm) | Covid excess deaths in your area | Local NHS Resources | What 3 Words

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  3. GingerbreadMan says:24/05/2022 12:21 AM
    Recording 98% of crimes is barely an achievement. They actually solve about 13% of crime.

  4. jayjay2000 says:24/05/2022 09:21 AM

    Oh Dear Lord - press releases like this make me question the sanity of the press (not QLocal particularly but large organs such as the BBC/ITV/Echo who repeat this drivel verbatim).
    Think about it logically - how on earth can ANYONE categorically state that they are "recording an outstanding 97.9 per cent of crimes committed across the network" - given that we have no idea how many crimes are being committed (e.g. a woman who is subject to unwanted sexual attention may prefer to run off and not report it) it is impossible to come up with any such statistic (unless the BTP opt to have an officer ride in every carriage on every train at every time of the day.
    If only media had the b*lls to throw this kind of tripe back at the company or public service involved and say 'rewrite it so that it is factually correct please'.
    Talking of police/inspectors - I was on a Merseyrail train coming from Liverpool when a guy of about 30yrs started talking into his phone to his mate about 'Support Officers' or whatever they call themselves coming to check tickets.
    Two of these arrived at which point the guy came out with a story about being homeless and having no address or money and only being on the train (with his bike..) to get to a place to sleep in Crosby.
    This was a few stations before Crosby so one of the Officers said 'right - so you are getting off next station yes?'
    They then disappeared leaving the guy to laugh into his phone about how this ruse always works - and he only left the train at Crosby.
    For this pointless exercise we are presumably paying these Officers a combined £40k+ a year. They could have queried why he did not just use the bike if he did not buy a ticket. They could have hung around to see he got off the train.
    They did neither. And the likelihood of management checking on them and asking them to shape up or ship out is minimal.
    But the absurd PR releases from places like BTP continue - no wonder ordinary people who are funding all this are fed up and voting for dubious types like Trump.

  5. salus.populi says:24/05/2022 10:55 AM
    If they're not recording all crimes how can they possibly know the percentage of all crimes that they are recording?

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